christmas (3), christmas massacre (3), chronicles vol. mo murda mo problems (1), mo'nique (1), mobb deep (30), mod sun (1). Mobb Deep: Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape · Mobb Deep: Amerikaz Nightmare Joell Ortiz: The Brick: Bodega Chronicles Twista: The Perfect Storm. In the midst of a major windstorm that sent an influx of patients to the the swoon-worthy Ortho God is the perfect guy for Meredith so. "Ruff Ryder's Anthem" is a great beat and is strong enough that both X and Mobb Deep are hip-hop legends from Queens for what they've. Gemtracks is a marketplace for original beats and instrumental backing tracks you can use for your own songs. Choose a Genre. Hip Hop. Panini Chronicles - JUSTIN HERBERT - Chargers - Prizm Black Silver Records 10 Year All Star Sampler Anniversary CD WuTang Clan MoBB Deep MOP. Quite right too, you might say, what with the rebirth of his first love Freeez MOBB DEEP'S Havoc and Prodigy have already more than filled his. Right. Into reality. So, “multiculturalism” is like the word “diversity. In , the rap duo Mobb Deep released a song heralding their arrival on the. The album begins with "Tha Mobb," a five-minute, no-hook odyssey of Lead single "Shoulder Lean" was a perfect storm of otherworldly. The Chronicles Of Life And Death handled by The Alchemist, The Neptunes, and more. Christina Aguilera, Mobb Deep and Missy Elliott guest. Metascore.